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Our Herbalife History

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The 1980s
The 1990s
The 2000s
2010 and beyond...

The 1980s

Mark Hughes launches Herbalife in February 1980, selling the "original" weight-loss programme straight from the trunk of his car!.

Herbalife goes international as it opens in Canada, and dozens more countries will soon follow. Meanwhile, sales are already topping the $2 million mark and climbing.

Herbalife opens trading on the NASDAQ exchange. Jim Rohn brings his motivational inspiration to the Company, and two new Formula 1 Protein Drink flavors are introduced: Chocolate and Strawberry.

The company expands internationally with breathtaking speed, so much so that four Extravaganzas take place around the world, including events in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

The 1990s

Cutting-edge products launch and monthly sales soar from $3.1 million to an impressive $21 million!

Mark Hughes unveils the Herbalife Family Foundation*, a charity dedicated to helping at-risk children around the world look forward to a better future.

Herbalife reaches the $1 billion milestone and celebrates as its home offices relocate to an office tower in Century City, California.

19 new products launch at the U.S. Extravaganza in Orlando, Florida, to cheers of thousands in attendance. Herbalife also records its largest production-bonus payout at that time of $16 million.

The 2000s

Herbalife celebrates its 20th anniversary with a sales force of more than one million Independent Members marketing over 100 Inner and Outer Nutrition® products in 50 countries.

Herbalife sales exceed $1.8 billion and still growing in 58 countries around the world. As the Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory opens, Herbalife's Scientific & Medical Advisory Boards form ... and even more groundbreaking products debut!

Herbalife launches ShapeWorks® and goes public.
With the participation of world-renowned weight-loss scientists, Herbalife brings its revolutionary ShapeWorks® weight-management programme to market. It is the company's largest corporate initiative ever, paving the way for unprecedented success. The year ends on a high note with Herbalife's Initial Public Offering.

Herbalife UK celebrates its 25th Year Anniversary
Herbalife UK celebrated its 25th Year Anniversary at the UK Leadership Weekend which took place in Manchester on April 25-26.

2010 and beyond...

Herbalife celebrates 30 years of changing people's lives.
Herbalife adds global sports icons Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona to a sponsorship roster of more than 100 international athletes, teams and sporting
Herbalife establishes the Herbalife Nutrition Institute ( to serve as an educational resource on good nutrition and health. Sixteen HFF Casa Herbalife programs launch around the world

Herbalife records $3.5 billion in net sales in 2011.
Nine HFF Casa Herbalife programs launch around the world.>Herbal Aloe Concentrate mango flavour launches.
Herbalife24 launches, the first comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes 24 hours a day.

What's next?

The exciting possibilities in Herbalife's future are limitless! If you'd like to learn more about opportunities to change your life with Herbalife, you can get the facts about sharing our rewarding future right now. Just visit our section on the Herbalife Business Opportunity.

*The Herbalife Family Foundation and the Herbalife International Family Foundation are separate legal entities from Herbalife International, Inc.

For over 30 years, Herbalife's history has reflected extraordinary personal success. From founder, Mark Hughes' original mission to the life-changing Member achievements, join us in sharing proud milestones toward helping people live better.
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